My thoughts On: Soap Operas

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OK people when I say that I am a TV freak I mean it! I am a sucker for everything serialized and most importantly scripted so yeah no I do not watch talk shows such as a The View and I can not stand Reality TV.

Some of my favorite guilty pleasures shows are actually broadcast in the afternoon. Yep I will admit it freely I love the often derided soap Opera and trust me I definitely do not fit the stereotype of the bored housewife watching her “stories”. I love tuning in everyday to watch how stories will evolve, I love watching my favorite characters everyday, the return from the dead, the switched babies, the insane corporate storylines, the love triangles, quadrangles and all sorts of storylines involving geometrical figures. Bref! I love it all.

I can understand why it has been a genre derided in the past though. quite frankly storylines have often range from mediocre to plain bad in the past decade in particular and even though often relies on super couples or popular characters or actors if the writing is bad it just does not make for a compelling TV Experience. It is the basis of any TV show you say? Yep but in the world of scripted Daytime TV you would be surprised how this essential aspect has been neglected in the last few years.

I decided to write on this subjects because I feel like soap operas have been experiencing a mini renaissance of sorts in the last year or so. From what I have been gathering from fans, writing has greatly improved for most of the remaining soaps and oh surprise! ratings are up, recently one of them hit a 5 years high! I mean that is insanity! And let me tell you that is no small accomplishment for a genre that was basically written off just two years ago. It simply proves that if you give the people what they want i.e good writing they will watch and this is particularly true of soap opera fans. They are amongst the most loyal, fierce, crazy audience out there. And yes I am most of the time proud to count myself amongst them.

What about you? Do you watch Daytime TV? What are some of your guilty pleasures?


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