My thoughts on: Scandal

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope


Let me preface this by saying that I am not the biggest Scandal fan out there. I mostly think that it is an OK show at best but I do watch it each week and I have done so since the very beginning. Why?  you are probably asking yourself. Well I will get to that later on.

First let me get to why this is not exactly my cup of tea. I decided back in 2011 to watch the pilot for this show because of its creator Shonda Rhimes, I liked Grey’s anatomy and the prospect of a strong black female character as the lead seemed appealing. Quite frankly the first season was your average procedural with its case of the week and this being a soap opera (Yes it IS a soap opera Shonda!) your necessary romance between the lead character Olivia Pope and president Fitz.

And here lies my problem with the show. From I can tell following the self proclaimed “#Gladiators” on Twitter I think the main attraction of this show for its fans lies in the romance, on again, off again relationship between Olivia and Fitz and to be perfectly honest it bores me to death.

I like the fact that Shonda Rhimes always tries to depict her characters in a gray area rather than make them total villains or just plain heroines at least on Grey but  I just can’t root for any characters on Scandal, at their core, they are all terrible, horrible human beings! I mean am I the only one to see this?


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