Spotlight on: My Love/Hate affair with Soap Operas

Let me present you the oldest TV show currently on air


I have already made a post on my love for everything Soap operas on a previous post. I would like to delve a little deeper on my favorite ones. It’s General Hospital time Y’all!!! AKA #GH for the intimates and Twitter users.

Now let me tell you that I am at the very least acquainted with all soap operas that have been on the air in the past 20 years. When I was a little child in a little town in the West Indies, watching The Young & The Restless, The Bold & The Beautiful, Santa Barbara and Loving was a requisite. Now to be perfectly honest it had a lot to do with the fact that we had like one channel and a lot of free time on our hands. Nowadays I think they are still fairly popular there, well at least The Y&R and B&B since Santa Barbara and Loving  are long gone, but not as much as they used to be. I suppose that just like in the US, you can blame it on cable and quite frankly people are a little bit more busy nowadays.  Anyways all of that to say that even though I have no use for The Young and The Restless or B&B at the moment they were my first exposure to the wonderful world of soap operas (to this day just thinking of Sheila Carter frightens me lol).

OK in the soap opera spectrum I would say that both of those show are fairly conservative especially the self righteous The Young and The Restless and quite as a youngster they used to bore me to death. I guess I like my soap operas zanier and that’s when I got introduced to the zaniest of them all, yes I nominate thee the glorious Days of Our Lives! has there ever been a crazier soap opera? I mean people buried alive, Marlena being possessed by the devil, Kristen Dimera, serial killers, love! Drugs! Sex! Gay couples! that show is generally not afraid of pushing itself a bit more than its competitors and in my opinion Days always had the best teen storylines set of any soap at least amongst those that I watch. I mean come on Belle! Shawn (Douglas, You can’t drop the Douglas)! Mimi! Gothic Chloe! Phillip! ah the memories! I guess that’s the first time I realized how much fun and crazy soap operas could be and while I like my nighttime TV to be a bit more closer to reality I really enjoy the particularly over the top conventions of a scripted daytime TV.

I would say that amongst today’s soaps General Hospital and the recently revived and now in limbo One Life to Live also fit that format particularly well and perhaps represent what most people think of when the word soap opera is ushered but it can also present serious and compelling drama that dare I say it, can rivaled and even exceed some Primetime TV serials in terms of the quality of their storylines and I am not just saying that because I am a fan
Think About it, no other forms of TV can allow a writter to really delve into all the aspects of a storyline like dailly nature of a soap allows. What comes to mind right now is the recently relaunched All My Children (Yay Erica Kane! Where are you girl?). Technically it is not a daytime TV drama anymore since it is web based now but still production values are still close to a regular soap and what I liked the most from this reincarnated version of the show was the topical issues that were explored, the storylines deeply rooted in family drama, the romance and most importantly the character driven drama. Everybody that is a soap opera watcher knows that AMC last decade on broadcast television was less than stellar but in its reincarnated version it is definitely worth watching.

Nowadays I only keep up with General Hospital AKA “The nobody is really dead” show since AMC is on hiatus. It is kind of a mix of the craziness you would expect from a soap with some elements of character driven show maybe set at a faster pace than the other ones. It is the soap that probably improved the most in the last few years.


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